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Create epic content - and be really human!

As funny as it is, it is easy to forget how to be a human. In new age digital marketing, we’re so driven by data that we often overlook the human aspect of marketing and business.

We live in a world in which more people are connected than ever before. Yet as connected as we are now, there is still a huge disconnect between people and the companies that attempt to reach them through technology. It is up to the people, the marketers and brand ambassadors of the world, to drive this human connection through the content they deliver in their marketing.

So . . . how do you create great content? The most important thing to keep in mind is to think about the people that consume the content that you develop. Don't think about key words, or SEO or what's going to drive a call-to-action. Rather think about a deeper relationship between you and your audience. No one will care about content that doesn’t resonate with the very core of their being and their humanity. So if you thought the big challenge marketers now face, are how to best tackle specific social media platforms or how best to make use of the many technologies we have available, then that's not all. The big thing is how to be as human as possible on the web.

Below is an awesome infographic from the guys at Smart Blogger on how to go through a disciplined process of creating epic content. It's a brilliant blue-print to work with. As long as you remember to be human!

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