Heart of Africa offers you simple and effective marketing strategies and tools to grow your business and brands. Specialising in emerging brands and services with shoe-string budgets, we cut through the corporate clutter and develop strategies that are easy to implement and have the greatest impact. 


Marketing consultant, Amanda Lock, has over 15 years of experience in managing all aspects of a mix of local and international brands, both small and large. Although her passion is strategy and "the bigger picture",  she works with brands in a variety of ways, from small projects and once-off campaigns, through to managing a few aspects of the marketing portfolio, or in some cases, running and implementing the entire marketing function of the business.


Her experience and expertise includes online and social, sales management (and the very critical integration with marketing), new product development and innovation, brand feasability studies, content development, pr & communication and training. She believes in businesses that have a real purpose and a heartbeat and is particularly passionate about environmentally-conscious practices.


Heart of Africa has an extensive network of suppliers and contacts which are experts in various fields such as Graphic Design, Promotional Sourcing and Gifting, Project Management, Digital, Reporting & Analysis and a number of other services critical for successful marketing. Each clients needs are individually assessed and the neccessary team is assembled to support the needs of that client.