• Amanda Lock

Choose your Marketing influencers really carefully

If you are considering hiring any marketing person or agency to assist your business, then read this blog post! Seth Godin, my all time favourite business and marketing guru, who is probably best known for challenging the status quo on EVERYTHING, advises you to appoint a 10 X Marketer. In short, someone who delivers 10 X more value!

In the post he covers the type of Marketer that makes a 10 X Marketer. Most definititive probably being this one:

"The 10x marketer understands that the job isn't to do marketing the way the person before you did it, or the way your boss asked you to do it. Strategic marketing comes from questioning the tactics, understanding who you are seeking to change and being willing to re-imagine the story your organization tells. Don't play the game, change the game."

His work and advise is always so simple, so obvious, SO ridiculously effective, yet so often overlooked! Love Seth!

Check out the post on his blog here:

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