• Amanda Lock

That moment when . . .

. . . you see your "baby" on TV. As marketers, you tend to get numb to seeing your brands everywhere. That's after all what a large part of marketing is all about. But to see a brand go from zero to absolute hero in such a short space of time and to hit prime time TV with a very HOT ad, is super exciting.

The ad was conceptualised by the ad agency, Sugar and was the vehicle to launch the new campaign for the brand "Satisfies Thirst Fast", positioning it in the health, wellness and vitality space and tapping into the new CrossFit craze that's taken South Africa by storm.

Huge respect for the guys at Thirsti for the a year of entrepeneral genius (and insane amounts of hard work). In less than a year this brand has gone from "needing a label", with no name or no idea at all how to position, bottle or sell a bottle of water, to being the new kid on the block that every beverage brand is watching. All while building and implementing a huge and impressive state of the art bottling plant, in the middle of nowhere. It's been a fantastic journey . . . well, most of the time. We had the priviledge of visiting the spring a number of times (on a pristine beautiful farm outside of Newcastle). Getting there was normally on a private four seater plane which wasn't always such a fantastic journey . . . especially late afternoons when the weather had come in. Let's just say - thank goodness they are prepared and have brown bags on board!

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