• Amanda Lock

4,000 "really good likes"

I have managed this social page for over a year now (when it had about 400 odd likes) and I am feeling a little chuffed today at reaching the 4,000 LIKE mark. Not because 4,000 likes is a lot (because it really isn't) but because they're "really good" likes. What's a really good like? Firstly it's a genuine one (enter my - and many other smart techy peoples conspiracy theory here that facebook have false profiles to improve their ad results). i.e it's a real person who has liked your page either directly or through targeting - a real human. Secondly it's a human who is interested in your page. Many facebook users like over 400 brand / company pages. Do you think your post comes up in their feed? It doesn't. They're not a "really good" like. They're a really bad one. You want people who like your brand, and are customers or potentional ones because they're genuinly interested in what you've got. You want them to live where you sell your stuff too. Not in Mumbai.

So how do you know if your likes are "really good"? Obviously there is a report you can run to give to your shareholders which will tell you if you're doing ok or not. And there is the dull profile info that any administrator of a site can churn out to at least show that they don't in fact live in India. But as a marketer you just know. Do people engage with your stuff? Do they like your posts, reply to surveys and questions and share your stuff to their circle of peeps unlocking the beauty that is social media and the cascade of influence that it can so beautifully create? That's how you know. So I know that these 4,000 likes, are "really good likes". And I'm feeling super chuffed because it's the consistent slog of good content and strategies that have got us there. More so, just so very grateful for my "non-corporate" clients who just get it and are chuffed too with our 4,000 really good likes.

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